estimateWhen shipments arrive, they are opened one at a time and the contents are photographed for inventory control. The pieces are then individually examined and priced. Pricing is done based on our best estimate of the time required to properly refinish each particular item. Consideration is given to size, type of substrate metal, detail, and deterioration.
The price is then recorded next to the item on a photocopy of the original picture, along with any notes concerning the item. This photocopy is then sent to the client, along with a contract for the proposed service. Upon receipt, the client then selects whether or not to proceed with the order, and if so, can also eliminate any items at that time.
get-estimateFor an estimate on your parts, please call 1-800-245-8679 during our hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday:  9 am - 5 pm EST
Friday:  9 am - 3 pm EST
Saturday:  By Appointment  
Prices will be firmed up only upon actual examination of your items. For those occasions when the actual price is higher than the phone estimate, Paul’s offers free return shipping on any canceled projects. (Limited to regular ground FedEx only.)

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