At Paul’s, custom show plating is our specialty. As such, we recognize that every antique or classic part has unique restoration requirements. Our on-site, trained inspectors assess each part that we receive, and they develop a plan of action to best accomplish the chrome plating or restoration of each part. Our custom approach restores the beauty of every part received.


You will experience for yourself why we’re known as “The Before & After People".

Since we are working primarily on old, corroded items in various states of wear and tear, we cannot publish firm prices for an item without seeing it first. For example, two bumpers for the same car may be a considerably different price due to different degrees of deterioration. For estimates, please feel free to contact us; for firm prices, we need to see your parts. Some general price ranges for show chrome items are listed below.

price-bumpersCar Bumpers: Our car bumpers are the best quality possible mirror finish, and are therefore more expensive than a high production bumper plating shop, but the quality is not even comparable. Our craftsmen hold the bumpers up to polishing wheels and buff them out by hand before the final plating. Bumpers and automotive show chrome are lifetime guaranteed to our original customer (or customer’s client). We also customize some bumpers for customers by eliminating bolt holes, adding studs, welding bumpers together, and adding patches. The general price range is between $500 and $2,000. Most stock bumpers cost $750 to $1,200.

Radiator Shells and Grills: People send us their radiator shells and grills from all over the world because of the care and quality that we take in repairing them. We spend hours tapping with various hammers and dollies, then belt sanding, disc sanding, block sanding, buffing, soldering pits, welding cracks or breaks, and making missing bars from scratch. We typically plate radiator shells and grills several times, with various sanding and buffing steps in between. The result is similar to a bathroom mirror. Most radiator shells and grills cost $500 to $2,500.

price-wheelsWheels: Wheels are a very difficult item to deal with from a plating perspective because of the offsets and corners. Electricity passing through the plating solution to the part deposits metal particles onto the part being plated. Since electricity always takes the shortest path to the ground, all of the metal wants to build up on the outside of the wheel and the edges. The deeper inside the drum of the wheel, the thinner the plating is. Therefore, even though we could physically plate a 3 foot wide wheel, any wheel wider than 8 inches is not a good idea to have plated, unless you specialize in wheels and use auxiliary anodes on overhead crane racks instead of our process putting them on individual racks and moving them from one tank to another by hand. Due to people driving daily in road salt without washing and waxing their wheels, we have no choice but to only offer a 1 year guarantee on wheels. Prices are approximate and assume wheels are less than 8 inches wide.  Most car wheels cost $250 to $450 per wheel, and most motorcycle wheels cost $250 to $500 per wheel.

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