chrome-lincolnAt Paul’s, custom show plating has been our specialty for over 35 years and we maintain extremely high standards for quality. By doing so, we have built an industry-leading reputation for show-chrome. However, from time to time we are asked to chrome items where show-quality is not required. In those cases, we are happy to discuss your unique needs, your budget goals, and then approach each assignment with the highest level of professionalism. For example, we have chromed items for snowmobiles, quads, and dirt bikes and parts for the high school student who wants the appeal and shine of chrome, but has very limited resources. Every situation is different, and we strive to find a solution that satisfies the needs of every customer. If in some situations, we feel a part cannot be restored or done properly, or such a job would potentially be a negative reflection on our reputation, we will discuss alternatives with you. As always, the best advertisement is your satisfaction and the outstanding quality of chrome on your vehicle, so we want it to be nice.

One of our more unique projects was a copper statue of Abraham Lincoln (pictured above).

Give us a call to discuss your unique needs. What follows are some of the many items that we will refinish:

  • Antique Car Parts
  • Classic Car Parts
  • Hot Rod Parts
  • Truck Parts
  • Motorcycle Parts
  • Boat Parts
  • Airplane Parts
  • Snowmobile Parts
  • Dirt Bike / Quad Parts
  • Farm Tractor Parts
  • Gun Parts
  • Mining Machine Parts
  • Antique Bathroom Fixtures
  • Grave Markers and Memorial Plaques
  • Antique Door Handles and Railings
  • Tools for Retirement Gifts
  • Statues

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